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Monthly Archives: December 2005

I received an email this morning of the death of someone I knew from high school and it shakes me to the core, not because of the person (I did not know him that well 20 years ago and have not seen him in probably 15 years), nor because of the tragedy of the situation (he left behind 2 young children and a wife), and not because I’m almost 40 and feeling mortal (no longer a bullet-proof teenager). I can’t place my finger on the reason…this is the second tragedy I’ve been around in the last year and still can’t grasp the feelings from the first tragedy.

Certainly, the biggest tragedy in these horrible events is the people left behind. A wife with two young children to raise… I hope she has family and friends to help her for the next 10 to 15 years while the kids are still home. Maybe that is the reason I hurt so bad for them…I sometimes wonder what my wife and kids would do if I were gone and I pray that I would leave a legacy of friends and family that would embrace them. Not just to help in the immediate aftermath of these types of situations, but in the everyday of life and living.

I want so much to help the family, but I don’t know them and they live 300 miles from here, so I must pray for them…that they have the help they need for now and in the future. That is somewhat comforting to know that God moves amongst His people and that prayers can be lifted up to Him for a family that I don’t even know, enduring a situation I can’t begin to understand.

It’s something small, and probably means nothing, but it’s giving it the ol’ college try. I removed a portion of the fence between our backyard and a sideyard to make it easier to go back and forth from the back to front of the house. We’ve put in an arbor and an outdoor table and chairs to create a nice little outdoor living space in the back of the house. The intent is to make it easy for us to go back and forth and to make it easier for our neighbors behind us to access the front of the house. We want our home to be a common place for our friends to meet and share their lives. A simple gesture…but meaningful to us.