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My adventure tonight at the Austin Music Hall will either be a complete failure, or if just one of you reads this post and together we help one person encounter an authentic relationship with God, then it was worth the effort.

As way of introduction for those new to Simple Gestures (or SG as I like to call it) let me offer the following:
1. SG is about developing communities of people who desire to do nice things for other people. SG is modeled on the methods of Servant Evangelism
2. SG understands there are issues and baggage and cynicism when it comes to people of faith sharing their faith, so we share our faith by first showing unconditional “acts of kindness” and offer to provide any other help an individual may have.
3. SG intends to build trust in our neighborhoods and communities with no alterior motives other than to show people that God loves them.
4. SG desires to be a partnership of people, churches, non-profits, and businesses to make Austin a better city by following the way of Christ.

Plan of Action
Send me an email at and I’ll get in touch.
I plan on holding an informational/introductory meeting soon to discuss how this actually works.

In summary, it works like this…
We as a group decide on a target area and a group of people to serve.
We get together and prepare for the service project and then we go do it.
During the project we just be ourselves and listen. (It will change your life, I promise.)
We then go and celebrate together and get excited about our next steps.

For example, we have taken our kids down to the Salvation Army and Congress Ave the last two years and served cookies and smiles to the people. We’ve had lots of cool conversations and provided smiles to people who don’t get to smile very often.

Come join us…together we can change the world with kindness.

“One of my driving passions is to help people to know God, and I believe that they will be more open to wanting to know God when they are shown kindness. I also don’t believe that just one act of kindness will do it. In the parable of the sower, Jesus spoke of the farmer who went out and threw seeds all over the place. He threw seeds on rocky ground, thorny ground and on ground with good soil. The different types of soil in Jesus’ parable represented the different stages of readiness in people to receive God’s love. But the farmer didn’t judge which portion of the ground was worthy to receive the seed. He just generously and lavishly spread it everywhere.
Kindness is the greatest healing force in the world. It is the active form of love that is loosed upon people’s lives. When we are kind, it turns us in the right direction and causes us to think differently. Kindness is contagious!”

-Steve Sjogren, author of Conspiracy of Kindness, Changing the World Through Kindness, and The Day I Died


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