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I was listening to an interview with Don Miller and he was talking about his church in Portland Imago Dei and how there was authenticity in all that they do and how this was reflected in their ministries. He said that if you have an idea for a ministry, they will support that effort and let God lead. Take a look at the list of some of their connections below. They call them “Connection Groups” and notice how they all center around what people are doing today. I thought about that, and the little light bulb went off, “Of course, you get involved in your area of passion and you enjoy that passion with others for the glory of God.” The goal is to develop relationships with people and then ask them to join a small group or to join in a ministry of the church…brilliant.

A connection group is any sort of small group intended to be a regular point of connection for people at Imago Dei. The groups can range from Bible study and prayer groups to snowboarding and hiking groups. Groups are typically based around some sort of affinity and therefore are natural, informal ways to simply begin relationships with other people at Imago Dei. The hope is that these groups will be a stepping stone for people to eventually move into a Home Community and/or ministry.

If you would like to start a connection group, please contact Kevin Rogers.

Bible reading group

This group is ideal for anyone who craves nourishment from reading Scripture. The Bible Reading Group (BRG) meets every Wednesday night from 7:00-9:00 p.m. to read large sections of the Bible out loud as a group. If you’re interested in attending, please contact Emerson Barr for more details.

NEW! Automotive ministry group

This group is now in the process of forming for those interested in blessing the community with their automotive mechanic skills and for those who want to learn more about simple automotive maintenance. Certain events will also be designed to encourage relationships in the group (i.e. off-road trips, fabrication, vehicle modifications, etc.) For more information e-mail Colby Stephens.

NEW! Outdoor recreation group
This group is now in the process of forming. Connect with others and God in His beautiful creation through mountain biking, hiking, nature photography, kayaking, astromony, bird-watching and more. If you’re interested contact Curtis Byers by email or phone (503) 999-7468.

NEW! Community through dance

If you dance or are interested in dance, a group is forming! Come connect with other dancers and look at possibilities to grow together in community through dance. The first meeting will be Thursday April 20th, 7-9pm at Evangel Church (2830 NE Flanders) in the 3rd floor conference room. Contact Liz Ficker

NEW! Bookbinding group

Learn the skill of making your own books/journals/photoalbums for yourself or as a great gift to a friend. In a 4-5 session workshop we’ll learn the basics of this craft and think about how to incorporate different aspects of design, like composition, format, color, and graphics.You don’t have to bring any experience, just a desire for expressing your uniqueness through creativity. The goal is to create a total of 2 books, cost ca. $10 -12.

Health Care Field/Social Worker Group
Fellowship for those who work in the health care or social service field. This group is for sharing, support and fellowship for those who work in the health care field. We meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday from 9:00-10:30am at 3129 SE Ankeny St. (kitty corner from the church). Contact: Mirjami Bergman


The surfing group goes out the 2nd Saturday of each month. If you surf and would like to meet other surfers from Imago Dei to car pool and surf together, contact Rodney Lucas

Teachers Forum

It’s time for the next teachers’ connection group! We will be meeting Saturday, May 13th at 10:00 a.m. at Bipartisan Coffee, 7901 SE Stark Street. Feel free to invite others. This is a laid back time for us to unwind from the busy week and share and encourage one another in our ministries with kids and families. We will also discuss how to end the year strong with our students. Contact Sharla Sanford for more information.

Mars Hill – A Political Conversation around current events

Meets monthly. Contact Kasey Pilcher for more details.


Sunday Prayer groups during all three services (9am, 11am, 5pm)
Contact: Jeff Barrett

Men’s Prayer Groups:
Wednesdays at 6:30pm (Church Office – 811 E. Burnside St. #122) Contact: Pat van Delden
Thursdays at 6:30am (7615 SE 28th Ave.) Contact: Kurt Nelson

Women’s Prayer Group:

Saturday mornings from 8 – 9 a.m. E-mail Beverly Carson for location.
Global Prayer Group – meets every other Monday night
Contact: Jonathan Isensee

Mom’s Community
Mothers meet weekly in small group settings around the city and monthly in large group settings.
Contact: Holly Horner

Faith ‘n’ Film

Meets monthly to discuss movies.
Contact: Jonathan Liu

Writing Groups

Exploring faith and creativity together through writing.
Poetry – meets every other Monday
Non-Fiction – meets every other Tuesday
Contact: Amanda Teague

Visual Arts Group

This group is for artists to be involved in mediums like painting, design, collage, graphic media, etc. Come and connect with other visual artists, share your work, get feedback and critique, and be challenged to grow deeper in your love of God through art. Contact: Julia Barbee


Explore faith and creativity together through music and songwriting.
Meets the first Wednesday of each month.
Contact: Scott Macdonald


Share tricks of the trade, contribute to thematic projects, plug in with other photographers toward serving the church and community.
Meets the first and third Tuesday of every month.
Contact: Nate Grubbs

Mural Project

A great way to meet other artists and serve our community.
Contact: Phil Broyles




  1. Yeah, there are a lot of churches that do this kind of thing! My church has been doing it for 30 years, before Miller made it “fashionable”.

  2. Could you please delete your page called “love in action” about Imago Dei church in Portland Oregon. Is is extremely outdated (2006) and nearly all of those groups listed do not exist anymore. The church choose to disband most of them. Thank you.

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