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Send me those stories of hope and the winner gets a FREE shirt like the lovely model is wearing. (We also have a smoke blue color) Inspire us, challenge us, share with us.

“His Spirit lets us know that together with Christ we will be given what God has promised. We will also share in the glory of Christ, because we have suffered with him. I am sure that what we are suffering now cannot compare with the glory that will be shown to us. In fact, all creation is eagerly waiting for God to show who his children are. Meanwhile, creation is confused, but not because it wants to be confused. God made it this way in the hope that creation would be set free from decay and would share in the glorious freedom of his children. We know that all creation is still groaning and is in pain, like a woman about to give birth. The Spirit makes us sure about what we will be in the future. But now we groan silently, while we wait for God to show that we are his children. F14 This means that our bodies will also be set free. And this hope is what saves us. But if we already have what we hope for, there is no need to keep on hoping. However, we hope for something we have not yet seen, and we patiently wait for it.” Romans 8:17-25



  1. You should write….and write…and write…and write…and then write some more. You have a beautiful gift and we are blessed that you are sharing it with us. Your stories made me cry–and made me once again think back to life as a child and the safety and security and "normalness"….Then I am grown, with my own child and in the middle of a life that is neither safe or secure and not knowing what to do. I can’t decide. So of course, I do nothing…for a long time…which, of course, is deciding. I love my son dearly, and I find that is the only love I seem to be capable of giving, or feeling. Until the heart attack. Some people may think its crazy, and maybe it is, but after that happened, I felt alive. I felt love. I felt strong. I felt hope. I can’t say that I believe God caused that heart attack, but I beieve without question, that God USED that heart attack to jump start the feelings again. The pain was needed to feel the healing. The emotions, the joy, the HOPE. The heart is an amazing thing…it is no wonder that we use words like "it broke my heart".."I put my heart into it"…"sweetheart"….it is tied up in everything that we do. So that was the beginning of my second chance. I survived that. I survived the divorce. I survived the surgery. I survived the custody battle. I have a beautiful life. A beautiful, amazing, brilliant, precious son. A husband that is a gift from God and a true example of God’s grace. A wonderful family that I miss terribly, but we know that we are all just a Southwest Airlines flight away! It is human nature to get lost in our own problems. Then we hear someone else’s and realize once again that "everybody has something." And we listen. And we grieve with that person. And we encourage and we hold up and we step forward together into the safe, secure arms of God, as when we were a child…and we start over again.

  2. thanks for the encouragement, but more importantly thanks for the beautiful post.

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