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We’re in the middle of a 20 year class reunion for Round Rock High School and last night we had dinner with a group and I listened to their stories as they played back and forth between life 20 years ago and today as wives and mothers. It was a joy to sit and listen as they interacted with each other as though 20 years and thousands of miles apart had never happened.

Ready for School
One story was about the evolution of the relationship between mother and daughter and the irony of how the roles were basically being reversed as the mother grew older. As I was listening to this story, I had this glimpse into Allyson’s future and the realization that she would one day be 40 sitting at a table with her friends talking about her parents.

The first thought was joy in thinking about the friends she will make and the family she will have and the beauty of life that she’ll experience…

The second thought was that I hope the relationship we’re developing with her as a 3 year old will blossom into a relationship of love and mutual respect and joy that time and life and experience can never taint.

May your life with children be filled with love, and joy, and laughter. May your life with them grow in love despite the challenges that we will all face. May you build those relationships with them in ways that will sustain both of you for a lifetime despite the passage of time and the distance apart.


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