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Monthly Archives: August 2006

It rained this morning, really rained for the first time in a long time. Fall is in the air (at least for a day) and now thoughts turn to the joy that is Longhorn football in Austin.

This Saturday! Saturday Longhorns vs. UNT

My favorite time of year. I don’t follow sports as closely as I did as a child, or in my early adulthood, but college football season becomes more of a passion each year. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the colors, the competition, the success UT has had in the last decade?

As I ponder this, I think it’s more about the shared experience. The entire city seems to come alive and of course gameday is incredible with hundreds of thousands descending on the campus to party and enjoy the rekindling of relationships that have existed for sometimes decades.

I’ve always been envious of those who had their territory staked out on a particular corner or in a certain parking lot near Schultz’s BierGarten. I never really had a place I could call home. Of course, I know people in different areas and how to find them and say hello, but never a close knit group to call my own “UT family” on Saturday afternoons. I think this is going to change this year…

University Avenue and Longhorns for Christ have decided to team up to open up the parking lot between the buildings for tailgate parties. Each game, we’ll be camped out and have food, fun, and football. Many people go down there without tickets, I do it all the time, just to experience Saturday gameday in Austin. So, we’ll offer an air conditioned place to watch the games, as well as outdoor screens and live music on a couple of the big games like Ohio State and Texas A&M.

But, it’s not really about the game or the big parties…it’s a chance to stake a claim to our own little piece of the tailgate community. We’ll develop friendships and strengthen existing ones, and we’ll be sharing these good times with our kids and they’ll have a safe place to play and have fun and experience people who love each other, the university, and the city of Austin.

So, if you’re in Austin for gameday, come see us on the corner of MLK and University Avenue. We’ll be there with a cold drink and good times. If you come by at night, look for the “orange church” (hopefully the lights will get done soon) under the orange tower.

Hook ‘em

It is in the small acts that Love is experienced. I struggle with that reality on a daily basis, but for others it seems to be as natural as the next breath. Candace is like that… She’s a wonderful woman who decided to make her neighborhood a better place. There is no motive other than love and it is in those simple every day acts of showing that love to her neighbors that life is becoming a little better each day.

On the recent annual “Night Out” that takes place across the country, she and some others distributed school supplies to kids in the neighborhood. So simple, yet so beautiful. In relieving those families of a small burden, the world is made a better place and His kingdom is encountered.

Once again, Love Wins!