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McManus from Mosaic had an incredible message this week on Faith and how it is nonsense…

God would not reveal his face to Moses because it would have been too much for Moses and he would have been


McManus made the analogy to how light allows us to see what is not there, but if that light is pointed directly into our eyes …

 we are blinded!

God is light, he says so. (look it up)

We have no idea what light is, ask anybody that knows anything about physics. We really have no clue what light is, its mystery is more than we can understand. 

We can see the effects of light…BUT, we don’t know what it is.

McManus says that faith is nonsense because we can’t use our 5 senses to prove that God exists, so it is non-sensical, but those who believe know that it is real.


if we claim Christ as our God, our savior, our redeemer we must be able to make what is invisible visible.

We are disciples who follow, who believe, who must live so that His light becomes visible in us.


Those who see the invisible are blessed because they were witness to the Holy Spirit that lives in us! 



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