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I read the following quote on God’s Politics blog this morning.

“The Bible clearly and repeatedly teaches a fundamental point that we have often overlooked. At the crucial moments when God displayed mighty acts in history to reveal [God’s] nature and will, God also intervened to liberate the poor and oppressed.”

– Ronald J. Sider

Can you give me some of those liberating events? I’ll start with the obvious…

A people enslaved by evil veiled in the cloak of wealth and prosperity were made free when God heard their cries. As Moses led his people with the power of God, we who choose to listen will hear the cries of those who seek justice.

Forced labor in the name of prosperity and progress is and will always be evil incarnate.

The cries of a people will be heard! As it was and it shall always be!

God will move as he always has and perhaps if we listen…he will say to us, “Free my people.”

We should be honored to work with God to save what would be lost…and His kingdom advances!



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