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It’s been almost 3 years since we’ve returned to Austin and although I sometimes get ‘homesick’ for Aspen, like I did last night watching the Warren Miller film “Higher Ground”, I know why we’ve come back home to Austin. The reasons are abundantly clear to us that we were called to Aspen so that we could come back here armed with a sense of mission, a desire to seek higher ground amidst the metal and concrete mountains of the city. The solitude, the beauty, the adventure of mountain life is something that I can’t explain and I miss it terribly. I miss the adventure for my kids growing up in a place where each day is filled with awe and the insecurity of life lived as small people in a big world.

But, we believe that adventure is to be found in the heart of the city we both grew up in and that our children will become what God intends if we are willing to trust Him with their lives in the midst of those who hunger for righteousness. How this adventure is unfolding has created a problem within me for the past 3 years, but now it is becoming clearer each day. I’ve started reading “Irrestible Revolution” from Shane Claiborne at the recommendation of Randy Harris. Here is an excerpt…

“Remembering the invitation that Mother Teresa
always gave to curious seekers, we have from the
beginning invited people to “Come and see.” And
people have, hundreds. As an evangelical, the only way
I know to invite people into Chris tian faith is to come
and see. After all, I’m not just trying to get someone to
sign a doctrinal statement, but to come to know love,
grace, and peace in the incarnation of Jesus, and now
in the incarnation of the body, Christ’s church. So if
someone asked me to introduce them to Jesus, I would
say, “Come and see. Let me show you Jesus with skin
on.” Sometimes we have evangelicals (usually from
the suburbs) who pretentiously ask how we “evange-
lize people.” I usually tell them that we bring folks like
them here to learn the kingdom of God from the poor,
and then send them out to tell the rich and powerful
there is another way of life being born in the margins.
For Jesus did not seek out the rich and powerful in
order to trickle down his kingdom. Rather, he joined
those at the bottom, the outcasts and undesirables,
and everyone was attracted to his love for people on
the margins. (We know that we all are poor and lonely
anyway, don’t we?) Then he invited everyone into a
journey of downward mobility to become the least.
As the old Franciscan slogan goes, “Preach the gospel
always. And when necessary, use words.” Or as our
seventy-year-old revolutionary Catholic nun, Sister
Margaret, puts it, “We are trying to shout the gospel
with our lives.” Many spiritual seekers have not been
able to hear the words of Christians because the lives
of Christians have been making so much horrible
noise. It can be hard to hear the gentle whisper of the
Spirit amid the noise of Christendom.”

What I know after 3 years of life back in the ‘burbs is that I am constantly bombarded with the noise of thoughts, ideas, dreams, and desires bouncing around inside my head, and now it’s time to stop the clatter. I know what to do, where to do it, and maybe even how to do it. Time to stop the noise!



  1. Isn’t Irrestible Revolution wonderful? It is helping me as I rethink how to live life in the Kingdom.Kaley

  2. it’s scary to think about life lived totally for others

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