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I went with a friend (Dean to those who know him) to a meeting of the committee working with the developers and the city of Austin on the Mueller project. It is comprised of people who live near the area that are interested in shaping what comes up out of the ground. It was an eye-opening experience to see people of various backgrounds and interests coming together to create a neighborhood. I look forward to the process over the next few years.

I did learn a few things about how the public works with corporations and was surprised by the sincere and open dialog. I also found out where Phase I of the residential will be. If you look on the attached design guidelines you’ll see “neighborhood 2” on one of the maps. This is where the initial 380 homes will go, but I don’t know any details on what types of houses, etc. A remark was made during the meeting about why Catellus had not announced the builders as of yet, but nothing was said. These meetings are more about planning and policy.

Also, Lane did receive the following email from the PR firm for the developers.

“We are currently in the process of finalizing all the details for the first
phase of residential and are planning to have the process for purchasing a
home and other specific information on homes at Mueller available to the
public within the next couple of months.”

So, we still really don’t know any timelines for when housing will go on sale, or when construction will begin. It seems from my last drive-by there is alot of infrastructure left to work on before houses can start going up.

Having said all this, what I’m most encouraged about is the diversity of people in that room and the desires to see this neighborhood develop so that it can blend with the surrounding areas. This is the main reason we want to be at Mueller, so that we can live in the city and serve those most in need.

More to come as we find out…



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