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He was at REZ week at UT this past week. Unfortunately I missed him, but after a couple of conversations with friends am intrigued with what is going on at CMA. Also, Hirsch in his new book “The Forgotten Ways” refers to CMA as a model for the church. Here is some basic information I found…

Church Multiplication Associates
Neil Cole
Network Summary
CMA is an umbrella movement of organic church planting that incorporates about 9 different networks of
churches. We hav e been involved with church planting and dev eloping resources f or over ten years, but the last
f our years hav e been our most prolific explosion especially as in regards to organic church planting. In 2001 we
saw 52 churches started which is an av erage of a church a week. We are now located in sev en states and two
Values and Activities
1. Bad people make good soil, there’s lots of f ertilizer in their lives.
2. The church must be conceived in heaven bef ore it is born on earth. It must first be a glimmer in our
Father’s eye.
3. Two kinds of lost people: moths and cockroaches. The way to tell the difference is to turn the light on ­
the moths will be drawn to the light and the cockroaches will flee.
4. We must lower the bar of how we do church, raise the bar of what it means to be a disciple of Christ and
thus we will raise the standard of what church truly is.
5. Don’t organize “it” until you have an “it” to organize.
6. You cannot lead where you do not go.
7. Personal transf ormation precedes community transf ormation.
8. Worship has an audience of One.
9. To move others you must first be moved.
10. We must raise leaders f or the harvest from the harvest.
11. All the resources f or an abundant harv est are in the harvest.
12. Where you go the king goes!
13. Re Giving them the Bible when off ering books and resources to growing Christians: “We must plant the
seed, not a seed substitute.”
14. Re Mentoring: “First tings first, one thing at a time, always one more thing.”
15. In creating ministry tools/systems: “Less is more. Simple is not simplistic. Simplicity is a step beyond
16. Re Mentoring agenda: “Bifocal leadership vision: Start and at the beginning and begin with the end in
17. Anyone can do this… but not just anyone can do this.
18. Raise the bar of what it means to be a disciple and lower the bar of what it means to do church.
19. Church planting skills are Christian lif e skills.
20. We’ve got to get out of the barns and into the harvest!
Formative Resources


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