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Monthly Archives: April 2007

“God, give us a vision for a new kind of world. We grieve, we honor, we condemn. But we want to move through that. We want to have asked the hard, hard questions. But we want to move though that too. And we want to be people of a dream, which we believe is your dream for the world. But then, God, we want to move past that. We want to move to action. … God, what would this look like? Show us millions of different ways to bless — to bless in such a way that it would literally shake the foundation of the Earth and capture us with this kind of dream. … Please, God, open our eyes.” —Rob Bell

I believe this generation has found its Billy Graham, but the twist is in the subject of Rob’s ministry. It is not about personal salvation, but instead is focused on showing those who believe how to join God in expanding His kingdom for the sake of those who don’t know Jesus and in the redemption and restoration of the world. Check out these articles on the subject…
“What Lessons Can Progressives Learn from Evangelicals?”
“Last Night with Rob Bell…”

I love the idea of the secular and the sacred coming together and the link to this post about “Theology Pubs” is a good example of that, anybody want to come with me sometime?

swinging 2She’s too cute, the apple of my eye…

Today was incredible, Dean preached with passion and love and sincerity and in truth. I don’t get to listen to him often anymore since we’re leading kids during worship, but when I do it is such a wonderful experience. Also, Wes lead us in an old spritual songs and I’ve never felt the Spirit at UA like I think we all did this morning. Here are my thoughts on Easter today below, but more importantly check out what Larry James had to say today.

It is Easter Sunday and today we who believe in the risen Christ
celebrate, but there are many who want to argue for or against the
validity of the event from 2000 years ago.

We who are witnesses to the hope that is Christ do not need to join
the argument.

We who are witnesses to the hope that is Christ live the resurrection each day.

We who are witnesses to the hope that is Christ experience that
resurrection each day because the beautiful story of the life, death,
and resurrection of He who saves us has now become our story.

And now we share our stories of a risen Christ
when we feed the hungry,
when we care for each other,
when we help those who cannot help themselves,
when we love our God with the whole of our heart, mind, and soul,
and when we love our neighbors like only those who bear witness to
resurrection can.

This Easter Sunday, consider all the resurrections we have seen. They
will be stories of our own lives, of all the times we thought God had
deserted us only to discover that God was finding us anew. The
resurrection is the continuing, transforming power of God to bring
back from death all that was lost – that ever-renewing love at work
changing ourselves, our communities, and our world. We have no choice
but to believe.

We listed our house a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the move to the big city of Austin, but the reality of waiting and wondering has begun. Will anybody buy the house? Will we get what we need for it? Is this the right thing to do for the family? Lots and lots of questions, and one of the areas I’ve been questioning is the possibility of missional work in the suburbs. It’s not a compelling idea to me, but it may be where we’re meant to be and so I’ve started preparing for that eventuality. Today I stumbled across a guy committed to the suburbs and he’s written a good article on the subject here. Let me know what you think…


Read the following from the daily meditation that Dean has been doing during the 40 days leading up to easter…

“You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you possess eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.” (John 5:39-40)

The Hermeneutic of Experience

In churches, and among professors and preachers, we argue a lot about our beliefs. I think that’s why so many church members get disoriented when any of those beliefs or interpretations are challenged. And yet, ideally, most of us would never presume to claim more than the apostle Paul who wrote, “For we know in part and we prophesy in part” (1 Corinthians 13:9). So, why do we become so defensive (or offensive) about our interpretations that we can’t even discuss them? Or, worse yet, that we would sever our fellowship with each other over such disagreements?

For all of the varieties of “hermeneutics” (interpretations), from the historical-critical to the literal or liberal, there is only one hermeneutic that carries any real authority. It’s the hermeneutic of experience. Veteran missionary and author, Lesslie Newbigin, described it best when he wrote, “The only hermeneutic of the gospel is a congregation of men and women who believe it and live it.” The truth is, we are far more unschooled in living out the gospel than we are in properly interpreting it. So why don’t we put more emphasis on this essential part of our spiritual education? It might clear up a lot of our misunderstandings…or simply weed out the spectators.

This is why I consider him my spiritual leader, my friend, my model for growth. He’s been preaching for a long time, but he’s growing each day in his passion to live the gospel, not just to preach it.