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“God, give us a vision for a new kind of world. We grieve, we honor, we condemn. But we want to move through that. We want to have asked the hard, hard questions. But we want to move though that too. And we want to be people of a dream, which we believe is your dream for the world. But then, God, we want to move past that. We want to move to action. … God, what would this look like? Show us millions of different ways to bless — to bless in such a way that it would literally shake the foundation of the Earth and capture us with this kind of dream. … Please, God, open our eyes.” —Rob Bell

I believe this generation has found its Billy Graham, but the twist is in the subject of Rob’s ministry. It is not about personal salvation, but instead is focused on showing those who believe how to join God in expanding His kingdom for the sake of those who don’t know Jesus and in the redemption and restoration of the world. Check out these articles on the subject…
“What Lessons Can Progressives Learn from Evangelicals?”
“Last Night with Rob Bell…”


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