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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Last night as we sat watching “Blood Diamond” in horror at the reality of life in some places, I kept thinking about all the unintended consequences of our consumerism and material centered lives…It is when we begin to consciously act with integrity in all we do (including what we buy) that the reality of God’s Kingdom becomes our reality here and now.

Therefore, somehow, we have to learn to get our satisfaction and our joy in faithfulness and in our intimate relationship with Christ. Then the question of effectiveness and success, in the usual sense of those terms is not the issue. We can transcend that and get energized and nourished by faithfulness knowing we are doing what we must do to live- not what we must do to change the neighborhood. The constant struggle is the deepening of faith that enables us to really trust that somehow the whole show is going to come off right in God’s timing.

– Gordon Cosby
Co-founder and pastor of Church of the Saviour in Washington, D.C. Excerpt is from “Spirituality and Community: Reflections on Evil and Grace.”