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It’s a little after 6am on a Sunday morning…

As the thunder started rolling in about an hour ago, I knew I would be up for the duration. I just waited as the waves grew louder and brighter, knowing that any minute I’d here footsteps upstairs headed down to the safety of my bed. Sure enough, after the sky lights up like a sparkler and the loud clap of thunder that follows I hear the sleepy feet making their way down the stairs. They always pause at the door of our bedroom, to give us that, “Is it okay?” look. Knowing the answer to that question, they continue the approach into the warmth of mom and dad. However, we have a queen size bed and the kids keep growing (as does my midsection) so it’s a tight fit. Of course, I’ve been awake for sometime so now coffee sounds good, so I let them “spread out” as I go get the paper and make coffee. Another loud clap, and the dog retreats from her chair into my bedroom and now they all are again fast asleep, and I sit here drinking coffee, reading the paper, and thinking about how I love the little things a father does for his children, even when that means giving up my warm bed. I think God does the same thing for me and that’s a nice feeling.


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