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Monthly Archives: June 2008

I had a nice conversation with my friend Shelton today about his experience a couple of weeks ago at a Sojourner’s event in D.C. The question I had for him and for others is what does this “third way” of thinking about political involvement as a disciple of Christ look like? I can’t follow the right-wing view of personal salvation at the expense of my community, and I can’t follow the left-wing view of social justice without Jesus as risen lord. I still believe it is at the intersection of the cross from which we must begin our political involvement. We talked about Shane Claiborne and his new book “Jesus for President”. I think he gets it, that it is not really about public policy, but instead is about doing small things with great love as Jesus showed us time and time again.

Lane found this short article on Shane at CNN Politics today. My favorite part of the article follows…

“This is not about going left or right, this is about going deeper and trying to understand together. Rather than endorse candidates, we ask them to endorse what is at the heart of Jesus and that is the poor or the peacemakers and when we see that then we’ll get behind them.”

Claiborne says the movement of younger evangelicals is growing and looking at the Bible in more holistic terms. He is quick to say the call of Christ has more to do with how people live their lives on November 3 and 5 than how they vote on November 4.

“It’s certainly easy to walk into a voting booth every four years and feel like you’re going to change the world but that’s not going to do it.”

Summer Monday, originally uploaded by carlmc.

We often hear that we should live life to the fullest, and today I watched my children teach me how to do it. Just another lazy summer day, but the kids had many adventures and stories to tell. This picture shows Ally enjoying a ride on the scooter to end the day. I love the motion she exudes, the pure engagement with the moment she finds herself.

baseballtrees, originally uploaded by carlmc.

Like many things in our culture, baseball and trees are under attack from those with money, and from a culture that has decided it doesn’t have time for the slow pace of an afternoon baseball game.

I love this place. I was fortunate to work with James Keller when he took the reigns for the baseball program at Concordia back in the early ’90s. Those were fun, easy, days with not too much to worry about. Even when you work in baseball, it’s a different kind of work.

Those days are gone, but the memories of that time and this place will always remind me of my love for the game.

I was just thinking about how you’ve changed my life, who I am, what I will become, and I know that you have made me a better person, and in the future you will continue to challenge me to be what I can’t begin to imagine. I thank you for the days past and the days to come, you are truly the greatest gift that I certainly did not deserve.

One thing I do want you to know now and in the years to come, is that God loves you more than even I, and that He also is made better because you are His beloved. Just as I am fortunate to develop my relationship with you, God is even more fortunate to know you and to

love you. I rest in that assurance, and when times are tough I will be there when I can, but He will always be there even when I cannot.

Her first trip to the golf course with dad and big brother.