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The Race, originally uploaded by carlmc.

This is probably the first of two posts today. I should have a follow up picture of the “official” race later. I just had to show this as proof that he can run. Lane had to find out the hard way. She thought she could coast and beat him, but you can see from this picture who is feeling the heat.

It doesn’t take long for your kids to grow up, and sometimes I feel like I’ve missed it. I know I haven’t, been more fortunate than most in the amount of time I’ve spent with my children. But sometimes I can’t remember Bailey when he was 2 and digging in the dirt with his cars.

Perhaps this is why photos are so important to me, to help me remember those times, and I know we’ll (his mom and me) need these photos and those sweet stories like this one to lean on when he’s a moody teen, or a distant son with a family of his own.

The race today isn’t important, although I’m happy to see him excited and engaged in something. What is important is that I get to share this with him and his mom. This is how I define a life well lived.


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