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NASA in the Pod, originally uploaded by carlmc.

Can you imagine 3 men squeezed into this capsule? No way Jose!!!

From Allan Ramsay, “An Ode to the Memory of Sir Isaac Newton” (1727)

This is one of many poems expressing the conviction that so great a man of Newton would surely be able to see other planets at close range on his way to Heaven.

The God-like man now mounts the sky,
Exploring all yon radiant spheres;
And with one view can more descry,
Than here below in eighty years.

Tho’ none, with greater strength of soul,
Could rise to more divine a height,
Or range the orbs from pole to pole,
And more improve the humane sight.

Now with full joy he can survey
These worlds, and ev’ry shining blaze,
That countless in the Milky Way
Only through glasses shew their rays.


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