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Austin summer sky, originally uploaded by carlmc.

If the fence line wasn’t in this picture, you might mistake this sunset for Africa. I don’t remember a summer this hot. Of course, I’m getting older and the heat seems to worse than it is…at least that’s what I tell myself. However, the reality is that it’s freakin’ hot and for most of us it means a little higher electric bill for the A/C.

For the poorest among us who do not have any air conditioning, or worse who live on the street this heat is unbearable and deadly. And, remember many of those who suffer are children. But, we can help in a small but important way by giving a little time and/or money. Our friends at Mobile Loaves and Fishes are working on stop gap measures to provide water to those who most need it. Alan Graham has a short video on the situation at
Here is a link to their main site


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  1. […] Austin Contrarian takes on the suburban lawn watering mafia by suggesting the city raise the cost of water. And Crossland Realtors tells the story of a particularly pesky buyer who claimed the summer-green lawn was dead.  SimpleGestures reminds us that it’s the poorest among us who need water to survive. […]

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