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things will never be the same, nor do i want them to be


the story continues without you and i, but not WITHOUT US.

WE ARE THE STORY, because we are the story…


time and place are required for us to exist, and so they do.

characters are the backbone of story, for without people story does not exist

what i question is how the story changes us, how we as actors in the ongoing are



saved from our selves…despite the tragedy, the conflict, the inhumanity of our humanity.


i contend it is found within the awkwardness of each other,

including prejudices, fears, failures, and lack of imagination.

in our imperfect embrace we discover what is lost.


the story keeps moving, the events never cease, the plot is ongoing,

and we are forced to stagger along in the bad times, longing


when we gather to pray as a communal act we can begin to remember,

to rejoin ourselves to the divine certainly…

but, just as urgently to the body that is we

and thus the body begins to heal itself, and although…although,

we can not perfectly mend, but we can find some comfort as one.


still hurting from this exposition, this history as defined by our mortality,

we nevertheless are ever moving forward and the story continues.


conflict is never far from this community, never ending, always morphing,

but never overcoming us, never ending the narrative that marches on and on

without end.


even the worst that we can hurl upon one another, even the tragedies of life

on this beautiful planet do not stop the STORY.

it marches on…

because we do not concede.

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