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Simple Gestures represents an idea as old as mankind. Build meaningful communities in the places we live, with the people we are most near geographically and in the circumstances of our shared lives. Most of us in America live in a neighborhood whether it’s suburbia, an apartment complex, or in a small town and the people we live nearest share many things in common. That is part of the reason we live near each other because of the simple fact that we share certain things in common.

The problem today is that we are so busy commuting to workplaces that are farther and farther away and working longer hours and for those with kids getting more and more involved with sports leagues and other activities for the kids. What we’ve forgotten is that we as humans are a social animal and that we need to develop strong bonds with each other. In the days of the tribal communties it was easy because mobility was non-existent. Today we get in the car to do everything, what we propose is that we get back to the basics of sharing our lives with our neighbors in real and meaningful ways. The concept is easy to grasp, but not so easy to accomplish in today’s fast-paced society.

Simple Gestures is my personal journey seeking to resist empire, to seek the kingdom of God. This blog is my attempt to express my attempts at living in this way, and to share ideas, to talk, to explore with you what it means to live in community.

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  1. Could you please delete your page called “love in action” about Imago Dei church in Portland Oregon. Is is severly outdated (2006) and nearly all of those groups listed do not exist anymore. The church choose to disband most of them. Thank you.

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