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Aspen Grove Santa Fe New Mexico, originally uploaded by carlmc.

I’ve been a big fan of Ken Burns since the beginning, we are soul brothers of sorts. We are both intrigued with the Civil War and Baseball, and now nature. I’ve been patiently waiting and now his new series “The National Parks” begins this Sunday on most PBS stations.

I was reading local coverage in the Austin American Statesman today and was floored at the title of the first episode “The Scripture of Nature”. Brad Buchholz states in his article,

“…Burns sees the national parks in a spiritual realm….He explains the distinctly American notion, espoused by Emerson and Thoreau, of seeking and discovering God in nature.”

I doubt this to be a uniquely American experience, but I don’t argue the validity of the statement for myself and my brother Ken. I also like the following quote from a park ranger in the film,

What could be more cathedral in feel than the Grand Canyon or Yosemite Valley? When I think of Sequoia National Park, I think of a cathedral or a mosque, or a church, a place where you’re not necessarily worshiping the name of something, but the presence of something else. When you’re in a grove of giant sequoia, there’s no need for someone to remind you that there is something in this world that is larger than you are, because you can see it.

It is in these moments that I too find myself connecting with something larger than my ability to comprehend, but not too large for my soul to embrace. No words need be spoken, no thoughts entertained…
just to be in the moment. My brother Ken explains it better than I can,

The underlying theme of all (my) films is love. It’s an impossible word to actually enjoy in any intellectual discussion. But at the end of the day, what these people are — whether it’s Abraham Lincoln and his ultimate sacrifice; whether it’s Jackie Robinson and the load he carried; whether it was Louis Armstrong and the message he delivered; whether it’s John Muir and the ecstasy he described — at the heart of this is love. And every single person we interviewed — and many of the people we quote — always talk about the larger kinship. They say: You’re part of it all. You’re connected to everything and everything else. And that love is the ingredient of the universe. It’s so hard to talk about it, because love is (so often narrowly defined) as romantic love…or parental love…or sex. But love is all these other things. Love is the heart of religion. The Scripture of Nature: Is it not but the highest love there is?

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Santa Fe Door 9, originally uploaded by carlmc.

Our dreams drink coffee with us as they put their arms around our children. They laugh with us at our poor falling-down selves and as we put ourselves back together once again at the table.

–“Perhaps the World Ends Here” from The Woman Who Fell From the Sky by Joy Harjo

Santa Fe Door 8, originally uploaded by carlmc.

Come on in, have a seat.

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Santa Fe Door 7, originally uploaded by carlmc.

“Rituals are transformational, and are often a window into the soul of a culture.” –Abraham Verghese

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Santa Fe Door 6, originally uploaded by carlmc.

Those of us fortunate enough to have a door, must pass through going to or from somewhere. They are all different, we are all different, what we believe or do not believe, does not matter. We must all pass through the doors of our lives as we see best, as our conscience/faith/morals leads us regardless of what we call it.

I found the following quote in David Dark’s newest book The Sacredness of Questioning Everything

“Every man should embrace those [dogmas] that he, being the best judge of himself, feels will do most to strengthen him in love of justice.” –Baruch Spinoza

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santa fe door 5 finalSometimes the best discoveries are purely accidental. We found this courtyard in the back of one of the studios on Canyon Road. It was almost surreal with the colors and the peacefulness of the space.

santa fe door 2

Painted, photographed, plastic, or real…doesn’t matter. Flowers are cool!!!!!!

I like this arrangement, don’t you think?

Today’s photo is mainly for the grandparents and family, but we could all enjoy the poem that follows…

ally lollipop

The Lollipop Castle gleamed in the sun.
The morning just started and so had the fun.
Strawberry cloudbursts covered the sky
As chocolate rabbits saluted,
waving, with bunnie ears high.
Then the swans on the lake
began their sweet glide
their smooth graceful beauty,
they just couldn’t hide.

And awakening the lakes
in their midnight blue dress
they were the keepers of peace and no less.
So, happy this hour of dawn and delight.
Merry the music of guardians bright.
Loving the moment of fantasy true,
watching the cloudbursts way up in the blue.

The Lollipop Castle and
its sleeping children
rose from their slumber,
opened eyes, then –
ran freely into wonderland’s street,
and into the Garden of Wishing on feet
that ran all the faster for all dreams came true
that felt all the freer for beauty came too!

God watched His children
and tinted the ground,
in sunbeams and magic
and the beauty they found.
And He and His angels were busy all day
Watching His children, their garden, their way.

As the carousel stood turning,
whirling round and around.
It’s music box twirling,
it’s pure magic sound,
Filling it’s listeners with it’s great joy,
their laughter, till truly it be
the perfect found poem of believers who see –
That goodness and dreaming can certainly do
A lot for our kingdoms
and these children who knew,
the loveliest thoughts can come from within
And they be the ponies of hope there within.

So, prancing ponies strut up and down
keeping your heads high, know not a frown.
For you hold the cup of kindness and good
You hold our children you horses, of wood,
And they be tomorrow of now, any land
They be the promise of love in all lands.

April 10, 1970
By Linda A. Copp ©

Aspen Trees Await The Oncoming of Night

Aspen Trees Await The Oncoming of Night

I took this photo last night as the Gondola quietly rushed through the trees bringing us back to town. Tonight is our last night here in Telluride and I feel a little melancholy coming on, I don’t want to leave yet. This place makes me feel so alive. When we left here 11 years ago, it was a bittersweet goodbye. We didn’t get to leave on our own terms and it was a tough time for us, but it was also the beginning of the next phase of our lives (ie. kids) and all the beauty that comes with having a family. It’s been great to share this town with our kids and we want to do more of it in the future, and we will because places like this provide a different perspective on what it means to live. It’s more vibrant, it’s more basic, it’s just more…

So, tonight I feel a little like those trees knowing that the sun has set and the night is soon upon us…

Click here for a full size version of the aspen trees.

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Wilson Peak Telluride ColoradoI took this photo yesterday as we made our way towards Telluride, CO. Each time we make this trek along this road my soul is uplifted, but more now than ever. It’s been 9 years since we’ve been here and when we came up the hill from Ridgway it was spectacular. Here is a link to a better resolution image of the one above. Enjoy

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