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I often wonder if people recognized when they were living in moments that rocked the world? For example, when the printing press was invented…did people run around around shouting, “You’ve got to see this thing, it’s freakin awesome!”

We are living in such a time, and sometimes I want to shout..”You’ve got to see this thing, it’s freakin awesome!” And, it’s not just about the technology itself, just as the printing press was not just about the ability to print words on paper. We must continue to imagine ways to harness this power to help us resolve problems that were previously too large, too hard to even recognize.

Today, my friend Bob pointed out another tool that harnesses our connected world to help those who most need it. RED Wire is this really cool music service that connects fans to artists and provides funds for fighting AIDS in Africa. Check it out, $5 bucks a month to help fight AIDS!

Watch the last 2:50 of this video, especially the last 1:30 or so to hear Bono preach. He’s a pretty good preacher for a rock star…