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Tag Archives: environmentalism and faith

I still remember the days as a kid when we were told to turn the lights out when we left the room. We had to conserve energy! I still turn out the lights when I leave a room. So, here is the information model for our kids and their generation. It’s a little more fancy, a little more cool…maybe a little more scary.

My sister Heather sent me a link to this group dedicate to the challenge of engaging faith communities in the restoration and redemption of God’s creation. See the quote below from their site… More than 80 % of the world’s inhabitants – nearly 5 billion people – identify with a major organized religion. Each faith has its own customs, laws, practices, and beliefs that have helped guide the lives of individuals through the challenges and difficulties of life. The principles of these faiths have had a profound impact on humanity – molding the laws, values, and behaviors of people for thousands of years. Today, we face challenges more complex and difficult than ever before. Human rights abuses, global conflict, environmental crises, and illness on a global scale are linked by one common fact: our dependence on petroleum, fossil fuels, and other non-renewable natural resources. In the past, faith communities have joined together to address global challenges, such as helping bring an end to apartheid in South Africa, marching for civil rights in the United States, and raising awareness of the genocide occurring in Darfur. On a local level, faith groups have joined together to help feed the hungry, educate the underprivileged, and fight against discrimination. As part of a global community where the effects of our actions and lifestyles transcend geographic boundaries, faith communities must recognize and act on their potential and capacity to address the harmful effects of our dependence on petroleum and fossil fuels. The issues of human rights, global conflict, environmental crisis and illness are universal concerns across all faiths and must be addressed collectively by faith communities through an organized campaign of education and action by communities around the world.