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I’m sitting here taking a break from my morning in the yard. Been hard at work trying to take out unwanted grass from under our big oak tree and move to another part of the yard. My muscles ache from digging and pulling and raking, and it’s hard to type this, but as I sit here listening to the birds chirp and the gentle morning breeze whisper through the open windows I reflect back to when I was a child.


I hated working in the yard! Mom and Poppy were always out there tending to the flowers, the grass, and the garden and I couldn’t understand why they worked so hard on their days off from the real world. I think I now have a glimpse into why this was and still is so important to them. This is our opportunity to work alongside God in His creation, to be conspirators with Him in real, honest, tangibly productive ways. We don’t have to say anything, we just have to be quiet and enjoy the earth as we encounter it and Him…even if we don’t recognize what’s happening.

Now I as an adult I can thank my parents for introducing me to the garden. And, now I know it is because of them that I now enjoy my time in the garden. 

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