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As I read about the struggles of one friend, I am often saddened at what he went through, but I’m hopeful he is in the midst of finding his way to a people that will love him for who he is, because he is quite remarkable.

I, too have struggled with many of the same frustrations as my friend, but I’ve been fortunate to find a new tribe that is about honesty, even when, no especially when it gets messy and has no particular place to go except towards one another. I missed worship this past week, but my friend Bob wrote the post below on the day. And, as I read I was saddened because I wasn’t there, but excited that such a place and a people exist for no other reason than to celebrate who God is and what he has done for us. So, anyway enjoy Bob’s reflections on “midnight at Denny’s”…

midnight @ denny’s

yesterday was powerful for me in our faith community

thru a fluke of acute viral nasopharyngitis (usually known as the common cold), I taught Bible study.  we talked aboutDeuteronomy 2, when Moses muses thru mementos of the journey all around the desert.  I blasted thru 8x as many media references as Scriptural – as usual, I could have really used an editor.

it felt really meaningful to stand in that space, among people of a journey, and to just start.  it did not have a plan or an outline or even a point.  it was as close to jazz as a non-musician like me will ever know.

and it’s still there – even after the boom & staying far away, at all costs.  no clue what to do with that.

worship was ragged & fluid and just a smack between my soul.  stories shared, a preacher crying, communion shared in small groups.  it touched me so that tom kimmel, an artist I’ve come to know & adore thru journey, played softly & tenderly

dave madden shared about a new idea – a stuffuary, where you could check out what other folks in the community had & borrow it.  simple idea, but it really clicked.

after worship, a group of us grabbed lunch at  phil’s ice house.  we all came to a shared conclusion – our faith community s hard to describe to people who have never been to it.  the labels & short-hand just do not bound this community, so we struggled & stretched.

then it came – one of our friends said that Journey IFC is

midnight @ denny’s

that’s it – a setting that is messy & gorgeous, a time that is just between then & now & tomorrow, a grab bag of journeyers who gather to drink (bad) coffee and just breathe.  all kinds of folks, taking a break in their journeyers, sharing food & their troubles and an encouragement.  splitting the bill & sharing a ride to where they are off to next.

midnight @ denny’s – it was a powerful one for me.

“It’s time to stop complaining about the church we’re disillusioned with and become the church we dream of.”Shane Claiborne