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You’ll have those days, when nothing seems to be right, and that you can do nothing right…

But, those days will pass and if you need to talk, call me or come by and see me…


Dan Uggla makes another error in 2008 All Star Game at Yankee Stadium.

Dan Uggla makes another error in 2008 All Star Game at Yankee Stadium.

This guy in the picture (Dan Uggla) had a really bad night on the biggest stage (2008 All Star Game) in the “House that Ruth Built”. He made 3 errors (2 on consecutive plays), grounded into a double play to kill a rally, and struck out 3 times.


He had a really bad night, but if you ask him 20 years from now about playing at Yankee stadium, he’ll only remember the dreams of his childhood growing up in New York to play on that field.

You will have days like that, but just know that they will pass, and that as you look back on those times they are often days that help form you into the person you have become. So, be careful and use your failures to learn and remember you are loved by me, your mom, and God.

If you learn to trust that you are beloved, regardless of what you do, you can return from even the worst of decisions. Soon I’ll share with you the story of Josh Hamilton, who has learned to love himself, his family, and his God. He had a great night in Yankee stadium the night before Uggla had his nightmare.

Read the short story below of an example of why I think Obama is fundamentally different than any politician I’ve known (except for maybe Reagan) in that his candidacy is not about him, or even what he will do for the country. Instead, it is about what we can do as a people bound together to recreate a government of, by, and for the people. I consider myself apolitical, even cynical with the state of governmental affairs, but I do believe in the power of motivated individuals who are willing to work with others to make our neighborhoods and cities a better place to pursue, participate, and enjoy in the redemption begun long ago on the cross. 

Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 09:28:51 -0500To: Northern Virginia for Obama! <>From: donnacywinski@comcast.netSubject: [NorthernVirginiaforObama] Hope in Catlett, VAAccording to the Virginia Board of Elections website, Senator Obama won inCatlett, Virginia by one vote. Catlett – a small town in Fauquier CountyVirginia where we live, is a very conservative place. There are not a lot ofDemocrats here. Over the years, as our sons have watched us vote forcandidates who did not win, they have often asked me whether their votewould make a difference. My response has always been, “How can you hope tochange things if you don ‘t vote?”When the campaign came to Virginia, we signed up to volunteer with a smallgroup called “Fauquier for Obama ’08”. Since people in Fauquier County donot live close enough to each other to make canvassing worthwhile, our groupgot permission from Giant Foods to set up a table outside. We handed outstickers, copies of Senator Obama’s policy proposals downloaded from thewebsite and obtained names and contact information from the twenty or sopeople who were brave enough to come up to our table in front of all of theRepublicans who were shopping that day.Our son manned a table at the local community college. He got about fivemore volunteers and handed out stickers. He and five other studentsorganized a commuter waive along U.S. Highway 29 where they held up signsand braved lit cigarettes, obscene gestures and spit from passing cars andwhere they also got thumbs-up signs, smiles, honks and waives. On ElectionDay our sons voted for the first time . We sat at polls, passed out morestickers, and served coffee and hot chocolate to voters.Senator Obama won Virginia by a large margin. He won Fauquier County by asmaller margin. He won Catlett, by one vote. We will never know who castthat one vote that put him over the top. But never again will my sons ask meif their vote makes a difference. They know it did.Senator Obama is winning elections because of one vote at a time. Everyperson who is inspired to hope that our country could ever be united or thatwe could have affordable health care or that we could improve educationalopportunities for average folks or that we do not have to fight wars just sooil companies, the arms industry and Halliburton can make obscene profitswhile young Americans die too young, can make a difference. We know thisbecause he won in Catlett by one vote.Yes We Can!!!