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sam and steven @ sxsw 2009

Last night went to SXSW Student Film Contest Screening and saw the future of filmmaking. Besides the obsession with death and violence (it’s a teen thing) there were some amazing skills on display. Everything from stop motion animation, to mockumentary, to Cloverfield like narratives, to arthouse films.

Two of my students Sam and Steven had their movie “The Transcendence of Gabriel” screen. Sam has “it”, the eye for storytelling via film that you can’t learn. Steven is an amazing actor who can emote a tremendous range of emotions without saying a word.

I can’t wait to see what all these kids produce 10-15 years from now.

Here is a link to some pics from last night.

I have a couple of students in a band, an awesome band that are playing tomorrow evening. Check out the message below…Hello everyone!DrumJam will be performing this Saturday, Sep. 29th on the MAIN stage (Clifford Antone Memorial Stage) at the Pecan Street Festival!!!We go on at 6pm and would love to see all of you there!!! It’s going to be a lot of fun! Bring the family, friends, and everyone you know!!!¬†Hope all is going well!Rock Out!-Zach¬†