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Monthly Archives: August 2010

She is old, but not as old as the tragedies of her life make her seem. Like all new life she was born with struggle and pain, but beautiful and overflowing with life. Life is full of those self-seeking without regard for her, and she has suffered the consequences, but she still keeps going. For most, life has a season of prosperity and a sense of belonging…she had a brief moment of clarity, a very brief moment. Now she suffers atrocities never imagined even in the worst seasons, and, still she keeps moving, keeps meeting the daily challenges. Her age and her difficulties do not stop the warm smile, the open arms, the joy of mere existence that beckons us all, “Welcome, welcome…come sit and let’s share our stories.”

Our group of travelers will be sharing the stories of Haiti we encountered today at the warehouse starting around 9:45.

I’ve not experienced the sense of overwhelming devotion to a child since the birth of my own children. I don’t know yet why they captured my heart, I am going to be processing that for awhile. I do know it’s not pity, it’s not guilt, it’s not charity. I think it has something to do with their powerful souls, that despite their circumstances, resonates with a power of gentleness that I do not comprehend.

The road calls my name, where it takes me I cannot imagine. My soul says I must go, even as fear whispers without refrain, “shhhh, sit, be safe, shhhhhh”. So I lean into the future with the winds at my back from those of you who encourage and shout with fierce eyes of truth, “Keep Going! Keep Going!”