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Colbert at the National Portrait Gallery

Image by kalyan3 via Flickr

Again, Colbert Report hits it out of the park…

“He’s praying in private!…Folks I’m angry and confused. By closing the door on his prayers, Obama is letting us down almost as much as Jesus did when he said in the gospel of Matthew, ‘Whenever you pray go into your room, and close the door’. I just don’t get that guy sometimes, where you have to die to live?”

Watch this clip!

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Texas Capitol Building

From today’s Austin American Statesman, “Report: Homeless kids fare worst in Texas

Texas is the worst place in the nation for homeless children, and the faltering economy will push even more families with little ones into the streets, according to a new report. A study released Tuesday by the National Center on Family Homelessness placed Texas 50th—last of all states—in how homeless children fare….the child poverty level in Texas is 23 percent.

Think about that number, 23 PERCENT, that’s almost 1 in 4!

In comparison, last night the Texas Senate spent last night wringing it’s hands over what to do about the non-crisis of voter fraud. As the Dallas Morning Stated

“Chalk up the Texas Senate’s nearly 24-hour wrangle over voter IDs as crass politics trumping thoughtful public policy.

Proponents of the so-called voter ID bill wanted to make a point to the political base back home: We won’t let liars and cheats steal elections in Texas.”

They really don’t give a damn about where these kids sleep, they would rather spend our money and their valuable time on matters that really do not matter, chasing what does not exist in the name of political expediency…

Here is a contact list for these idiots opportunists/politicians/public servants, give them a call/email/piece of your mind on priorities.

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We went to dinner for Fat Tuesday tonight. Had a big burger, a shake, and some fries. As we’re getting in the car, I hear “Dammit!” from the backseat. My sweet little girl has just shouted her first curse after she spilled her shake. I know I should be upset, wonder where she heard this before (hmmm, I wonder). But, all I can do is try to keep from laughing. Of course Bailey ruins it by breaking out in laughter. So, for Lent we’ll be giving up cussing around the kids.ally_nose_pic

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New Year…New Desire to become reconciled to God, to me, to you. Don’t know how well I’ll do, but gotta start somewhere right?

“You won’t die. God knows that the moment you eat from that tree, you’ll see what’s really going on. You’ll be just like God, knowing everything, ranging all the way from good to evil.”
—Genesis 3:4-5 “The Message”

I’m tired of hiding half-naked in the trees, so God I confess I think I know better than you. They say admitting the problem is the start of the solution, so there you have it. I have sold out to the lies of evil in this world, but I’m ready to give it up, to surrender, to recognize that I don’t have all the answers.

So…my question to God is, “Where do we go from here?”