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In his book, Miller describes his disdain for the us vs. them mentality between Christians and non-Christians.

“I felt, once again, that there was this underlying hostility for homosexuals and Democrats and, well, hippie types. I cannot tell you how much I did not want liberal or gay people to be my enemies. I liked them,” he wrote. “The real issue in the Christian community was that (love) was conditional … You were loved in word, but there was, without question, a social commodity that was being withheld from you until you shaped up.”

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But, we have hope…we have faith that God is at work in our lives and will do with us what He will for His purposes. I believe there are people in this world, in this city, in our neighborhoods that have no hope. I can’t begin to fathom life with no hope, but many can’t fathom life with any hope. I also believe the biggest stumbling block to hope is poverty and the inability for those that suffer from its persistent grasp to see beyond the hands clasped around their neck. The question begs to be asked, “What shall we do to help?”.—–