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I took these photos on the last day of baseball at Concordia before they tore it all down. And took a little piece of my heart with it.

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You’ll have those days, when nothing seems to be right, and that you can do nothing right…

But, those days will pass and if you need to talk, call me or come by and see me…


Dan Uggla makes another error in 2008 All Star Game at Yankee Stadium.

Dan Uggla makes another error in 2008 All Star Game at Yankee Stadium.

This guy in the picture (Dan Uggla) had a really bad night on the biggest stage (2008 All Star Game) in the “House that Ruth Built”. He made 3 errors (2 on consecutive plays), grounded into a double play to kill a rally, and struck out 3 times.


He had a really bad night, but if you ask him 20 years from now about playing at Yankee stadium, he’ll only remember the dreams of his childhood growing up in New York to play on that field.

You will have days like that, but just know that they will pass, and that as you look back on those times they are often days that help form you into the person you have become. So, be careful and use your failures to learn and remember you are loved by me, your mom, and God.

If you learn to trust that you are beloved, regardless of what you do, you can return from even the worst of decisions. Soon I’ll share with you the story of Josh Hamilton, who has learned to love himself, his family, and his God. He had a great night in Yankee stadium the night before Uggla had his nightmare.