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Passing this along… Greetings Shapevine Friends,We have several FREE Webcasts in January at, starting this week. It is a tremendous menu of some of the top thinkers and leaders in the emerging missional church. We invite you to join in and watch, ask questions, chat, and poll. Just at the dates and times listed below and enter the Webcast area.

Shapevine Webcast Schedule

January 2008

10th 4pm EST Lance Ford / Dan Kimball
17th 4pm EST Lance Ford / Dave Ferguson
21st 4pm EST Sally Morgenthaler / Joseph Myers
22nd 4pm EST Leonard Sweet
23rd 4pm EST Nick Fiedler / Tony Jones
24th 4pm EST Lance Ford / Tri Robinson
TBA 4pm EST Lance Ford / Steve Sjogren
31st 4pm EST Lance Ford / Ryan Bolger